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 Series: He Will Be Called

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12/25/2016 AMPastor Phil WhippleHe Will Be Called: Prince of PeaceVideo
12/18/2016 AMPastor Phil WhippleHe Will Be Called: Everlasting FatherVideo
12/11/2016 AMPastor Phil WhippleHe Will Be Called: Mighty GodVideo
12/4/2016 AMPastor Phil WhippleHe Will Be Called: Wonderful CounselorVideo

Series: Known by Your Fruit

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11/27/2016 AMPastor Ben JohnsonSelf ControlVideo
11/20/2016 AMPastor Phil WhippleFruitfulness vs FaithfulnessVideo
11/13/2016 AMPastor Phil WhippleGod’s Waiting RoomVideo
11/6/2016 AMPastor Phil WhippleJourney into JoyVideo
10/30/2016 AMPastor Ben JohnsonWhat if it’s My Fault?Video

 Series: Crisis 101

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10/23/2016 AMUnavailable do to technical issues
10/16/2016 AMWhat if it’s My Fault?Video
10/9/2016 AMHope When You’re HopelessVideo
10/2/2016 AMGo and Do LikewiseVideo
9/25/2016 AMPeter and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayVideo
9/18/2016 AMExodus: A Study of CrisisVideo

Series: The Circle Maker

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9/11/2016 AMPray HardVideo
9/4/2016 AMDream BigVideo
8/28/2016 AMThe Legend of the Circle MakerVideo
No Series
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8/21/2016 AMSpiritual Intoxication – Rev. Jack FrenchVideo
8/14/2016 AMLord You Know MeVideo
8/7/2016 AMGray Headed GiantsVideo
7/31/2016 AMWhen Heaven is SilentVideo

Series: Jonah – Pastor Phil Whipple
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7/24/2016 AMJonah’s AngerVideo
7/17/2016 AMJonah ObeysVideo
7/10/2016 AMJonah’s PrayerVideo

No Series
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7/3/2016 AMRecording Unavailable due to technical issues. Sorry for this inconvenience.
6/26/2016 AMWhere Vision Becomes RealityVideo
6/19/2016 AMWhat Does God Require?Video
Series:  Body Life – Pastor Phil Whipple
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6/12/2016 AMBecoming a ServantVideo
6/5/2016 AMBeautiful MusicVideo
5/29/2016 AMA Cleansing FellowshipVideo
5/22/2016 AMEncouraging One AnotherVideo
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5/15/2016 AMLove: An Outstanding DebtVideo
5/8/2016 AMFive Traits of Godly WomenVideo
5/1/2016 AMThe Power of PraiseVideo
Series:  Change Your World – Pastor Phil Whipple
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4/24/2016 AMFinishing StrongVideo
4/17/2016 AMDefeating DiscouragementVideo
4/10/2016 AMThe Leader in YouVideo
4/3/2016 AMOrdinary World ChangersVideo
Series:  Cross Sayings – Pastor Phil Whipple
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3/27/2016 AMEaster – What a Difference!Video
3/20/2016 AMCross Sayings: VictoryVideo
3/13/2016 AMCross Sayings: SalvationVideo
3/6/2016 AMCross Sayings: ForgivenessVideo
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2/28/2016 AMWhispersVideo
Series:  Daniel – Stories of Courage – Pastor Phil Whipple
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2/21/2016 AMStand Firm in the FireVideo
2/14/2016 AMStand in FaithVideo
2/7/2016 AMStand StrongVideo
1/31/2016 AMStand UpVideo
1/24/2016 AMStand OutVideo

Series: A New Beginning – Pastor Phil Whipple

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1/17/2016 AMNew Beginnings: Values to Die ForVideo
1/10/2016 AMNew Beginnings: Vision to Focus OnVideo
1/3/2016 AMNew Beginnings: Victory to Live InVideo
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12/27/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightA Few Last WordsVideo
12/20/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightA Gift that Money Can’t BuyVideo
12/13/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightWhy in Heaven did God come down?Video
12/06/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Crowd or Christ?Video
11/29/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightWhere were the other nine?Video
11/22/2015 AMPastor Phil WhippleA Heart like JesusVideo
11/15/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightDefining DecipleshipVideo
11/8/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightHow to Avoid Spiritual CarelessnessVideo
11/1/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightWhat Kind of God do we Have?Video
10/25/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightWhat does it mean to be the Family of God?Video
10/18/2015 AMPastor Rick Turner(Guest)The Dunamis of GodVideo
10/11/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightOur Need for RestorationVideo
10/04/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Law that Solves All ProblemsVideo
09/27/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightBe Still and KnowVideo
09/20/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightHow Much is a Soul Worth?Video
09/13/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightHow Can I Say Thanks?Video
09/06/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightThree Paradoxes to a Meaningful Life!Video
08/30/2015 AMRev. Jack FrenchThe Power of the CrossVideo
08/23/2015 AMLowell SpillerGuest Speaker TestimonyVideo
08/16/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightIt’s No Big DealVideo
08/09/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightHow to Pray for HealingVideo
08/02/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightDoing Right When You’ve Been Done WrongVideo
07/26/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightHeavenly or Worldly WisdomVideo
07/19/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightTaming the TongueVideo
07/12/2015 AMElmo & Kathryn ComptonThe ONE: Peru MinistriesVideo
07/05/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightCan America Return to God?Video
06/28/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightReal Faith that Really Works!Video
06/21/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightAre You a Christian Snob?Video
06/14/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightTrue or False ReligionVideo
06/07/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightTemptations and TestingsVideo
05/31/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightI will never leave you or forsake youVideo
05/24/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightTemptations that Americans FaceVideo
05/17/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightGraduation Day!Video
05/10/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightWhat is wrong with my Child?Video
05/03/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightLiving the Good LifeVideo
04/26/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Lion in Daniel’s DenVideo
04/19/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Writing on the WallVideo
04/12/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightLearning the Hard WayVideo
04/05/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightMary Magdalene and the ResurrectionVideo
03/29/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Guy With the DonkeyVideo
03/22/2015 AMPastor Richard KrieshContext is EverythingVideo
03/15/2015 AMPastor Richard KrieshNick at NiteVideo
03/08/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightHeaven Help the Home!Video
03/01/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Fiery FurnaceVideo
02/22/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightLiving to Honor God!Video
02/15/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightYour Most Valuable PossessionVideo
02/08/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightEncouragement Served Family StyleVideo
02/01/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightA Kingdom Worth Dying ForVideo
01/25/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightWill Jesus REALLY Come Again?Video
01/18/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightBreaking Down the BarriersVideo
01/11/2015 AMPastor Jack FrenchFace the Future with Faith!Video
01/04/2015 AMPastor Tom KnightAbraham -the friend of GodVideo
12/28/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightWhy the Believer can Smile through AdversityVideo
12/21/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightUnwrapped GiftsVideo
12/14/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Grinch Who Often Tries to Steal Christmas!Video
12/07/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightChristmas is Coming – Ready or Not!Video
11/30/2014 AMPastor Jim ThompsonWhere are the Miracles?Video
11/23/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightA Thankful Heart!Video
11/16/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightRahabVideo
11/09/2014 AMPastor Jack FrenchHelmsmen QuartetVideo
11/02/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightReal FaithVideo
10/26/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightSamson’s Road to RuinVideo
10/19/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Family RoomVideo
10/12/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightQuality FriendshipVideo
10/05/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightAbstinence or Indulgence?Video
09/28/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Crowd or Christ?Video
09/21/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightA Miracle at MidnightVideo
09/14/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightWhen People Pray!Audio (Video Unavailable)
09/07/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightBaptismVideo
08/31/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightRaising the StandardVideo
08/24/2014 AMDennis CollinsMinistry Update – IrelandVideo
08/17/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightDavid’s Four LambsVideo
08/10/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightHumpty DumptyVideo
08/03/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightHow to Overcome Your EnemiesVideo
07/27/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightDesperate DaysVideo
07/20/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightRaging SaulsVideo
07/13/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightFacing Our Giants!Video
07/06/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightBeing Left BehindVideo
06/29/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightHappy Birthday AmericaVideo
06/22/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightWhat Would Jesus Desire?Video
06/15/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightPortrait of a Dad (Father’s Day)Video
06/08/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Blessing of Tithing!Video
06/01/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightLeaving Your Tomorrows with GodVideo
05/25/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightFinding God for YourselfVideo
05/18/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightYoung People and the Real WorldVideo
05/11/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightMom, You’re Incredible!Video
05/04/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightWhat Motivated Paul?Video
04/27/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightOnce a Pauper, Now a Prince!Video
04/20/2014 AM
Easter Sunday
Pastor Tom KnightWhen the Son Comes Up!Video
04/13/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightNear the CrossVideo
04/06/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightA Crazy Hunch and a High Hope!Video
03/30/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightA Window of OpportunityVideo
03/23/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightExtraordinary LoveVideo
03/16/2014 AMPastor Jim ThompsonMoving MountainsVideo
03/09/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightWhere are You in the Battle?Video
03/02/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Courage to Dream AgainVideo
02/23/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightDavid, God’s Example in ForgivenessVideo
02/16/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightThe Somebody that Nobody NoticedVideo
02/09/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightA City of RefugeVideo
02/02/2014 AMPastor Tom KnightMaking a DifferenceVideo
01/26/2014 AMReverend Jim Keller Video
01/19/2014 AMPastor Dan HamrickFinding JesusVideo
01/12/2014 AMReverend Jack FrenchFinding Joy for the JourneyVideo
01/05/2014 AMReverend Jack FrenchHope in the HopelessVideo
12/29/2013 AMReverend Jack FrenchThe Word – Our TouchstoneVideo
12/22/2013 AMReverend Jack FrenchJesus the Worthy OneVideo
12/15/2013 AMReverend Jack FrenchThe Seven WitnessesVideo
12/08/2013 AMReverend Jack FrenchMary, the Chosen OneVideo
10/27/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleNew CovenantVideo
10/20/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleWarning Against Falling AwayVideo
10/13/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleJesus the Great High PriestUnavailable
10/06/2013 AMPastor Ron BoggiaImitating Christ’s HumilityVideo
09/29/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleNote: Available Upon Request
09/22/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleEntering God’s RestVideo
09/01/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleJesus Superior to AngelsVideo
08/25/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleLaw Enforcers or Heart Surgeons?Video
08/18/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleFive Steps to Victory in PrayerVideo
07/28/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Great CommissionVideo
07/21/2013 AMPastor Steve HittlePrayer of JabezVideo
07/14/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleGenerous GivingVideo
07/07/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleFreedom in ChristVideo
06/23/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Missional ChurchVideo
06/16/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleFather’s DayVideo
06/09/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleThree BaptismsVideo
05/26/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleMemorial Day Tribute
Video Illustration
05/19/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleLife through the Holy SpiritVideo
05/12/2013 AMPastor Ron BoggiaMother’s DayVideo
04/28/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleHoly Spirit as FriendVideo
04/14/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleWho is the Holy Spirit? – Part 2Video
04/07/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleWho is the Holy Spirit?Video
03/31/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleEasterVideo
03/24/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Lamb of GodVideo
03/17/2013 AM Praise SundayAvailable upon request
03/10/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Night Watch – Psalm 63Video
03/03/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Great CommissionVideo
02/24/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleVision SundayVideo
02/17/2013 AMPastor Ron BoggiaOur Words are PowerfulVideo
02/10/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleCan You Hear Me Now?Video
02/03/2013 AMPastor Ron BoggiaPut on the Full Armor of God
Armor of God Video Clip
01/27/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleWhat is a Vision?Video
01/20/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleLoving with StringsVideo
01/13/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleVision KillersVideo
01/06/2013 AMPastor Steve HittleApart From Me You Can Do NothingVideo
12/30/2012 AMRev. Jack FrenchSomething Better than a ResolutionVideo
12/23/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Touch of ChristmasVideo
12/16/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Tastes of ChristmasVideo
12/9/2012 PMChildren’s Christmas Program – “Super Gift from Heaven”Video
12/9/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Sounds of ChristmasVideo
12/2/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Smells of ChristmasVideo
11/25/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleLightening the LoadVideo
11/18/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleThanksgivingAudio | Video
11/11/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleIn God We Trust | Play Video IllustrationAudio | Video
11/04/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleThe Way to WorshipAudio
10/28/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleSharing God’s KindnessAudio
10/21/2012 AMPastor SteveWhy We Pray – Daniel 10:1-21Audio
10/14/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleGreet One Another
Offer Hospitality to One Another
10/07/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleLet’s Get Ready for HeavenAudio
09/30/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleBe Devoted and Honor one AnotherAudio
09/23/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleForgiving One AnotherAudio
09/16/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleLove One AnotherAudio | Video
09/09/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleAuthentic RelationshipsAudio
09/02/2012 AMPastor Steve HittleIntegrityAudio